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Shampoo mood theme

Made a Shampoo mood theme. Some of the pics are not very good but it was a pain to try to find 132 different ones around the net! I also have to say that some of the moods might not relate to the pic a lot, but hey! this is the only shampoo mood theme around.


The white border is not part of the pics, they are 100x65, some in colour some black & white. Its uploaded in yousendit because I cant access my mediafire account right now, it will be off in 7 days but I will reupload it asap so let me know if its not there anymore when you are trying to download.


1. Download the zip file. Within you will find all the images and the code.

2. Upload the images to your own personal website, photobucket, etc.

3. Find/replace the picture address. (from to wherever you are hosting).

4. Go to the Admin Console.

5. Input 'moodtheme_create' (just the words, without the ' '). This will generate a moodtheme number. Go back to the codes and find/replace 12345 with the number. Then, select all and copy the entire code and paste it into the command bank.

6. Go to customize journal, find there the mood themes link and you should be able to select it.

Please comment if taking and credit suede on your profile :)

If I missed something let me know! If you want credit for any of the pics let me know too!
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