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Shampoo Fanzine

hello all in the world of Shampoo,

when i was 11 -lol i began to make a shampoo zine but sadly never got round to finishing it and now i have been working on a new one (infact its nearly finished!) and was wondering if  anyone would be interested if i get it going ? 

it will be a pink and black zine punk style with staples and made in zerox machine lol etc with loads of cool stuff some of my personal press info /pics not online!!  it will be a retrospective over shampoos career and im on with issue 1 now and would like to know how high the interest will be if i decide to get it going

it is only open to uk people sorry as again im sorry but as with all zines  there will be a small charge for printing paper and envolopes etc or if you run a zine i might be tempted to trade 

but this is purely to see if there is any interest or not

i will let you all know when its finished and give you more info soon!

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