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Riot grrrl/diet grrrl

who really gives a f***

We are shampoo
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A shampoo appreciation community! share delicious goodies with us, chit chat, give us any 'possible' news on what jacqui & carrie actually do these days & harrass us about any merch, rare tracks & websites.

barbie, bareknuckle girl, blisters and bruises, bondage barbie, bouffant headbutt, carrie askew, delicious, dirty old love song, game boy, girl power, glimmer globe, glitter, jacqui blake, japan, kinky ken, last exit, manic street preachers, monster, pink, plumsted, shampoo, shampoo you, shampoos cupboard, shiny black taxi cab, skinny white thing, sod the neighbours, trouble, viva la megababes, war paint, we are shampoo, zap pow